About Us

The Greenroom Group (TGRG) is an innovative and advanced end-to-end recruitment advisory with a difference. Our unique approach to recruiting and project management allows us to provide clients premium services at attractive prices. Our centralised technology landscape results in a seamless process for our customers.

At TGRG, our practices allow the client and the recruiter clarity and certainty through a data-driven hiring system, used across global talent pools. This systematic journey enables actionable insights into skills, values, abilities and in turn, optimized planning and selecting.

Why we're different


To create opportunities for more value and diversity in the market place by increasing the pairing accuracy of talent. Our focus lies in noticing skill, ability and the appointment of talent to suitable work cultures, whilst disregarding layers of biases.


Disrupt traditional recruitment methods through innovation, creative change, and digitalized workflows.

Our Values


Clients often experience market and operational changes and therefore their needs as a customer change. Our active approach to resource allocation and workstreams allows us to deliver results to the customer, when necessary.


Consistent delivery on all action points and projects result in a seamless delivery process. Our system architecture and culture are aligned, from back to front end. 


Listening with the intent to understand and the desire to act, rather than listening with the intent to respond.


Results first, substance over flash. Delivering results of the utmost quality.

Straight forward

End-to-end transparency.


Hassle and headache free outsourcing and communications.

Our Leadership

We Will Help You Every Step Of the Way

Based in Dubai, we are perfectly positioned to service multiple markets within the Middle East, Africa and Asia.