Assessment Hub

The Greenroom Group (TGRG) has created a technology landscape to centralise all talent related requirements for your hiring needs. Having these processes centralised and on offer allows companies to understand the market and its movements in order to take advantage of trends and timing. When selecting and planning, our landscape provides clarity and certainty through data driven decision making. A complete overview is created by screening potential talents background, soft skills, hard skills, motivations and values, all directly in relation to a company’s culture and objectives, prior to committing.

Culture Fit Assessment

Customized AI video analytics to determine culture fit.

Hard Skills Assessment

Candidate technical ability comparative analysis through automatic AI grading on customisable technical questions.

Business case simulations tested in a peer reviewed format to achieve solutions to a project relevant problem.

Criminal Background, Reference Check and Social Media Screening

Criminal background checks from white collar crimes to blue collar crimes.

Unique fraud detection tool to quickly identify and investigate cases of unusual activity during the referencing process.

Screen the digital footprint from social media platforms to tabloids, flagging racist remarks, sexist remarks, bad language and more.

Real-Time Market and Industry Talent Supply, Demand and Movement

Our analysts translate unique data points to uncover valuable insights relevant to each client. The information is aggregated and standardized for comparison at a macro level.

Unique talent pool and company reports empowers our talent acquisition professionals to make business decisions with confidence based on data-driven insights. This allows us to recruit and manage talent more strategically.

We Will Help You Every Step Of the Way

Based in Dubai, we are perfectly positioned to service multiple markets within the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Culture Fit Assessment

Companies and hiring managers create a unique culture with one of our professionals identifying the intensity of 12 culture classes.

Together we identify attributes needed for the position as well as job relevant questions.

Customized AI avatars conduct video interviews analysing  body language, facial expressions and tones of voice – immediate ranking and psychometric reports with automated data, reporting valuable insights on potential alignment.

Hard Skills Assessment

It is one thing to claim a skill, having the ability to perform that skill under different conditions in different environments is a different question. Being able to answer that question as an employer prior to hiring is a huge asset in reducing employment attrition rate and boosting performance.

TGRG hard skill assessment tools test any skill or ability in various forms to mitigate risk of wrong employment and boost performance.

Criminal Background, Reference Check and Social Media Screening

Build a more complete image of your candidate in question to eliminate risk or toxic work behaviour from the start. TGRG background landscape covers all bases of the past to ensure success in the future.

Real-Time Market and Industry Talent Supply, Demand and Movement

Where companies are gaining talent from and where companies are losing talent.