We place our focus on providing recruitment advisory solutions in emerging sectors within emerging markets, compromising of many high-growth sectors and industries specifically suited to match your business type.


Esports is one of the fastest growing spaces in the technology world as well as sports right now. Traditional stadiums are being taken over and purpose built stadiums are springing up all over the globe from the US to Sweden and on to the East. At The Greenroom Group (TGRG), we make sure to find the most relevant and enthusiastic staff whether it be upper management in headquarters to stadium project management to creative story tellers, we have you covered.


Defense is considered one of the most important sectors for any nation. A strong defense system allows a country to serve and protect its government and citizens. Here at TGRG we make sure to find the most qualified manpower that will be part of your nation’s defense infrastructure.

Information Technology

The industry of information technology is continuously evolving. Everyday, new technology, solutions, and systems are born. Finding talent that can help your company stand in a sea of competitors is a significant challenge. We know that the IT sector needs talent with the sharpest minds and capabilities. That’s why we are here to find your perfect match.


Sourcing the right talent in the hospitality sector is demanding. Excellent ethics and a service orientated mindset is a primary attribute to set your business apart from the competition. Whether it is a hotel, restaurant, bar, resort, or park, we will ensure that you can find the best talent for your hospitality business.

Renewable Energy

As demand for healthcare services keeps growing, the need for highly qualified nurses, caregivers, and health workers is also on the rise. We are your reliable agency ready to help you find the most qualified and skilled healthcare workers.

Financial & Professional Services

We help you find the right talent in the world of financial & professional services. Get a chance to attract the talent that will be there to help you amplify the services that you are offering.

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